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Pyramid Career Institute

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Please note: while PCI reserves the right to change fees without notice any change WILL NOT apply to currently enrolled students who have signed the binding enrollment agreement.  New fees and rates would only apply to prospective students.

Pyramid Career Institute was established in 1993

PCI was founded by Dr. Judy Mayo and Dr. Marianne King to provide market-relevant training for positions in the rapidly expanding fields of computer and customer service. Pyramid reflects the belief that quality training empowers individuals to achieve their full work potential.   Pyramid Career Institutes special mission is to provide premier training services to dislocated workers and to the economically disadvantaged.

Pyramid Career Institute offers vocational education programs in the areas of  customer service and business software applications.  Pyramid also offers short-term training courses that develop general business and computer skills.   Upon successfully meeting occupational training course requirements, students receive a Certificate of Achievement.    Pyramid is a clock hour school, with one clock hour equaling fifty minutes of instruction.


Required School Statistics for 2011-2012
School Statistics for Last Fiscal YearCourse of InstructionTotal # of Student- - -All Courses
Computer Driven Customer ServiceComputer Tech. for Business ServicesDevelop- mental Keyboard’gCustomer Service BasicsBasic Business SkillsComputer LiteracyComputer Software TrainingCareer Moves
# of Students Enrolled at Start of Year070000007
# of New Student Starts0604141004147
Total # of Students Who Transferred out During Year000000000
Total # of Students Who Transferred in During Year000000000
Total # of Students Enrolled During Year01304141004154
# Students Who Graduated or Completed0903939003948
# Students Who Withdrew010220023
# Students Still Enrolled020000002
# Students Placed in Field0403333003337
# Students Placed out of Field000110011
# Students Not Available to Place0607700713
# Students Not Available to Place for Personal Reasons010000001
# Students Not Employed0707700714
# Students Who Self-Placed000000000
# Students Who Took State Licensing Exam0003838003838
# Students Who Passed State Licensing Exam0003838003838
Average Salary of Graduates Employed$19.500.$19,500.n/a$22,425$22,425n/sn/a$22,425$20,926

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